Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day was spent in the Children's ER with my 9 month old little boy who had a serious stomach bug.  Last year on Mother's Day, I was swollen, tired, and very ill. I was 9 months pregnant with a sweet little girl.  This Mother's day was so much better.  I was awoken by Grant coming down the stairs and saying "Happy Mother's Day Momma" as he wrapped his arms around my neck,  He brought me a drink to my bed, and eagerly dashed to the kitchen to help Brad make me breakfast.  I was served biscuits and gravy, my favorite! :)

We had lunch out at Brad's Grandparents, along with his parents and Wes joined us shortly after.  We enjoyed eating, talking and of course playing baseball! What a great afternoon.  The weather was perfect!
 Grant and Caroline swinging with Great Grandma Betty

 Caroline and her Great Great Uncle Jim

Caroline riding a horse, that was once Gammy D's when she was a child

 Grant riding the horse..we call that Pop-E's leg

 She always has that tongue out! :)

 And he is always running!

 Daddy's Girl!

Happy Mother's Day Gammy!!

 Grandma Betty and her daughter, Gammy D.  Gammy D and her son, daddy.  Daddy and his children, Grant and Caroline. :)

The little boy who made me a proud mommy, August 15th, 2008!

Grant was obsessed with throwing ice over the fence.

My sweet family, who made my Mother's Day beyond amazing.  I am so proud of Grant and Caroline, and I could never imagine my life with out them.  They amaze me each and everyday.  I hope one day they know, I have prayed for them daily, even before they were born.  I will love them just as I was loved, unconditionally. 

Thank you Lord for choosing me to be the Mother to 2 of your most precious children.

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