Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Food Issues

So we are having some "food" issues in this household. 
 I have one child that only eats to live while the other lives to eat.
Grant has never really been the best eater, but now..I don't think it can get any worse.
I have offered to fix him ANYTHING, but there are only so many hot dogs you can give your child without feeling like a horrible parent.  He may eat 2 bites (3 if we are lucky) of his breakfast , lunch or dinner, before he declares he's done.  Then before we are about to put him to bed, he tells us he is hungry.  At this point I put his dinner back in front of him, but he simply won't eat.  The thought of any child going to bed hungry kills me, so I give in and give him a snack.

Our other child, has no problem clearing a plate :)

Please tell me this is just a phase, I am one stressed out momma bear!

On the other hand, Grant noticed Caroline's freshly painted piggys all day long! Thankfully, he didn't ask for his to be painted.  He reminded me all day that he was a BOY!!
How could I ever forget, ha!

After dinner we headed out to the swing set, thinking that we were beating the 98 degree heat, but of course I was wrong. Mercy, it was HOTTTTTT!!

Aren't these just the sweetest little faces ever???

I sure do think so! ;)


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