Monday, June 20, 2011

Stalking the mailbox!

Last week I stalked our mailbox, Grant and Caroline both were expecting some goodies in the mail!
I ordered Caroline nail polish and remover from Piggy Paint.
It is supposed to be low odor and non-toxic. 
 I will admit, there is a slight odor.
We are headed to the beach in a few weeks, and the princess could not bare her toes without any color!!

I had to distract her with food so she would keep her feet somewhat still

Then I dazzled those perfect little piggys in the color Forever Fancy!!

I still have to go around her toes with the remover, but I love how they turned out! When mom and I go get our pedicures for the beach, I am going to make sure we can get a color to match Caroline's!! 
How cute will all three of our piggys be!! ;)

Grant got an exciting new treat! Since he is so into bedtime stories, I thought what would be better then get him a new book!!!!  I have been reading him stories out of my Children's Bible my grandma gave me when I was 5 years old, but the stories and pictures just were not grabbing his attention.  So.....I did some research, and I purchased this book! What a hit it is with G-Man!!!!  Now, he listens and even asks questions as we read each night!!  Every night he ask "mommy will you read me a story from my new book!!"
Melt my heart!!

 As I was cleaning up breakfast this morning, I caught Grant playing the puzzle game on my phone (the kid knows more about my phone then I do!!)

and this sweet thing was searching for any crumbs in her brothers seat that he may have left behind!! :)

She really is my human vacuum!!! ;)

Last week Caroline took 3 steps, and now uses her walker all the time.  She is becoming a pro at standing all be herself.  It won't be long before those little legs are going full force!!

Brad brought in the cooler from the boat, and it was sitting in the kitchen this morning. 
 I caught Caroline behind it pushing, headed towards the front door saying "buh-bye!"
 Do you think our kids love the boat our what???

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