Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekend and Thomas

We had such a fun weekend! 
 Brad was planning leaving for the beach with friends from work, so I knew I had to keep the kids busy if I wanted to maintain my sanity through the weekend!

We started early Friday morning by meeting Gammy D at Northside for The Jungle Book production.  It was awesome! Grant nor Caroline moved during the whole play.  That speaks volumes, seeing that they are only 3 & 16 months.
 The four of us.
Elizabeth, Caroline and Grant.
  Elizabeth is Grant's current obsession, she played the role as a frog during the play.

After the play we headed to the mall for some lunch and a little bit of shopping.  Gammy D took Grant home for the night, and Caroline had a little date night with Brad and myself.

Saturday morning Brad left for the beach, and much to my surprise Gammy D and Pop-E wanted to spend their 34th wedding anniversary with their grandchildren!  They went to the Cleveland Co. Fair, and from what I hear..they had a ball.

I spent the day with my mom.  We went shopping, had lunch, and enjoyed pedicures.  I got the kids back just in time for dinner and we spent our night doing puzzles and coloring.  I am pretty sure Gammy and Pop-E wore these babies out, because Grant asked me to go to bed by 7pm.  It was a SUPER LONG night for us..both kids were up every 2 hours, crying.  I am pretty sure they were just beyond tired..that's when they usually sleep their worst.

Sunday morning the kids, my mom and I headed to Spencer for a Day Out With Thomas!

Grant LOVES Thomas, so I knew he would enjoy seeing him in person.  They had plenty of activities for the kids, but the main attraction was the 20 minute ride on Thomas the Train.

Grant played with Percy as we waited for our Train ride.

Caroline did too.
  Poor girl, she has no choice but to like all of Grant's favorite toys!

It was finally our time to board Thomas for our ride!

We had 2 pretty excited kiddos!

(This picture is pretty much for our family.  It is a joke that Grant does not go ANYWHERE and not talk to a girl..usually always blond.  Did y'all really think Thomas the Train was going to be the exception???)  :)

Our last stop for the day was to meet Sir Topham Hatt.

We grabbed lunch and started to make our way home and wait for the arrival of daddy to conclude our weekend!

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