Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Yesterday was Brad's last day off before heading back to work after an extra long weekend.  We wanted to do something fun with the kids, so we all bundled up and heading to the park.  Luckily, we were the only crazy fools out there in the cold..so we had to whole park to ourselves!!  We took Grant's scooter and Caroline's car, and enjoyed a lap around the walking trail.  After that got old, we made our way to the playground.

Underneath the slides is a little window type opening..Grant pretends to work at a fast food place, and ask me what would I like to order.   This may be my clue that we go through the drive thru often.

 Those bark chips would be my Chicken Nuggets!

Miss Sassy Pants herself

 We were dreaming about the days of summer....oh, only a couple more months!!
Brad and three of his favorite things
and the Lake

We grabbed a pizza and made our way home to watch the Rose Bowl Parade.  Grant and Caroline really enjoyed watching the Macy's Parade on Thanksgiving, so we knew they would like this too.  My dream is to one day attend one of those parades in person! How fun would that be!

We took naps, watched TV, and enjoyed spending our time with daddy at home.  It's not often that Brad gets to stay home that long, but when he does..we try to soak it all in.

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