Monday, January 2, 2012


We had such a low key NYE.  We rang in the New Year with the two people who we love most in this world..Grant and Caroline!  It was perfect.  We started our countdown at 7pm. Ha! The kids did not have a nap all day, and there was no way they were staying up late.  As if they would have known any differently! :)
 Our necessities for our NYE. Popcorn, Sparkling Cider, and a Movie!
 Grant and I had a ball taking pictures!
After the kids went to bed, Brad and I watched Friends With Benefits.  Despite some not so good reviews I had was actually pretty good.  We did not get to see the ball drop...we were tucked in our beds by 11pm.  I have never been one to care to stay up way past my bed time to see a ball drop...when I wake up the outcome is still the same. 

Happy New Year!!!

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