Thursday, January 19, 2012

Catch up!

We have had a very uneventful week around here.  It has gone from cold to colder over the passing days.  Have I ever mentioned how much I STRONGLY dislike winter?  Knowing that spring is right around the corner, is what keeps me going!

We started out our week by Brad having the day off on Monday. We ran some errands and ate lunch out with the kids.  This is always an "experience"  We are at the stage where Grant does fairly good when we go out, and Caroline screams whenever she pleases.
 I just tell myself, this too shall pass.

Tuesday we had our morning bible study.  Last week Grant had a MAJOR melt down! He screamed and kicked the nursery worker.  She happened to be an older lady, and Grant told her he did not like Grandma's, only his Gammy's.  He has been doing this a lot lately. Any lady that appears to be over the age of 40, Grant will tell her, he does not like Grandma's.
 He's so sweet isn't he?
Thankfully, this past Tuesday went much better!

Bible study was amazing this week.  One thing I took away from this weeks lesson was something Beth Moore said.  "Joy is your birth right in Christ.  No one can take it from you."  Isn't amazing that God knows exactly what you need to hear, on any given day?!

I dressed the kids in Duke attire.
  Did you think this family would not be celebrating a Duke Victory and a Tar Hole STOMPPING?

Yesterday, I made the kids chocolate chip muffins for Breakfast.  Caroline had more on her mouth, her shirt and the floor than I think she got in her mouth.

I think it is time for Grant to start doing some chores.
.  He loves to vacuum, and umm...well that's about it.
  It is a fight to get him to pick up his toys, pigs will surly fly before he makes his bed, and he leaves his dishes on the table, expecting the maid mommy to pick them up.
  (I'm pretty sure he gets that last one from his daddy, monkey see monkey do.. right??)

I am trying to find a chore chart that best fits a 3-4 year old.  I've just started looking but have found a couple I like..
I love how plain and simple this one is. 
Straight. To. The. Point!

Though I like this one too!

I'm trying to decide on a reward system.
  I like the idea of 5 cents, or 10 cents per chore.  Having a Save Jar and a Spend Jar.
   Once he has enough money, those trips down the toy isle will be extra special....because he earned it! :)

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