Tuesday, January 10, 2012


1. It has been a rough week (it is only Tuesday) here at the Propst home.  We have a 3.5 year old, who thinks he is king of the castle.  I seriously don't know if it is just his age, or if we are dealing with a spoiled rotten child who very seldom hears the word "NO!"  If I ask him to pick up toys or to do anything that involves any kind of effort, I typically get the response of "Are you kidding me?"  I was expecting that kind of response at 15, not 3! Lord help me!  I know these days will pass, and I am thankful his good days out weigh his bad ones.

2. I sat Caroline on the potty last week.  I know it is very early, but she went into the bathroom and pointed at it.  So I got out the training potty and sat her on it.  She just stared at me.  Then started screaming.  I later found out, she was pointing at the big potty because she dropped her Belle Princess in it.

3. My mom came over Friday night to watch the kids, so Brad and I could go out to dinner.  All afternoon I had a horrible headache, but decided to go anyways.  When we got to the restaurant, my headache was worse.  We ordered an appetizer and we decided to split a meal.  By the time our food came, I was so sick I could not even eat.  Brad chowed down on the chips and salsa, our appetizer, and our meal.  Cheers to a night out!

4.  Along with my headaches, I have been having the worst jaw pain.  I am supposed to wear a night guard when I sleep, because I grind my teeth.  I've had it for 6 years.  I've never worn it except for the past 2 nights.  Now, I have no more jaw pain.  Funny how that works, huh?!

5. I am beginning to think my headaches are coming from #1.

6.  Today was the first day of our winter bible study.  This will be my first bible study at our new church, but my 3rd Beth Moore study. I love her.

7.  I have been on a cleaning out, cleaning up rampage.  We have ditched all of our baby items.  I thought it would be so hard to give away all that stuff.  I was very shocked I handled it so well.  We are not planning on having anymore children, our hearts are content with the two we have. (and please read # 1 again!)  :)

8.  I have a few things I would like you to pray about:

*As I mentioned, for the past 2-3 months I have been having headaches.  I get them at least twice a week.  They usually hit me in the afternoons, and make me extremely nauseous.  All I can really do is lay down.  I've been to the doctor, and so far my blood work has came back normal.  It can be many things..like my issue of grinding my teeth, migraines, I may need to have an eye exam, or just the fact of raising 2 toddlers. Ha!  I go back to the doctor Thursday, so please pray everything comes back normal, and my headaches GO AWAY! :)

* I have a friend who is the mommy of a little boy who is just days younger then Grant.  About a week ago, they found out he has cancer.  My heart just aches for her.  My heart aches for her little boy.  So far he seems to be doing well.  You can read about his story and his journey here.

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