Monday, April 30, 2012

Discovery Place Kids

Friday morning we met our friends Kandace and Peyton at Discovery Place kids for a morning of fun!  Peyton is Grant's age, and they play together so well.  DPK was PACKED! We should have known better than to go on a Friday morning, but luckily it cleared out around lunch time.

Caroline loved her time at the water table.

 Grant thought he was part of the pit crew changing the tires.
I think both boys could have spent all day there.

Cruising the lake!
I laughed that Caroline knew to put her life jacket on right away!

 I can't get over how tall Peyton is compared to Grant!!!
These 3 walked out like this

Saturday morning while I was getting ready for the baby shower, I found Sweet C going through my shoes.
What can I say....the girl LOVES shoes!

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