Friday, April 20, 2012

The Stolen Pig

Both kids love to go to the bookstore!
 They could honestly spend hours in there, and so could I!
Our bookstore has a massive kid selection, and they also have a train table that both kids adore.
Grant loves to go around and pick out books for me to read to him.
 Yesterday we were there for 2.5 hours!
  I love that my kids love books!
If you know know she is beyond obsessed with PIGS!
 She could watch the T.V. show Olivia all day and not think twice.
  While we were at the bookstore she found a Baby Ian (Olivia's baby brother) and carried him around while we were there.
  As we were leaving I walked with her to put him back.
  She didn't even put up a fight. 

 I now know why..
As I was paying Miss Pris snuck back over and grabbed Baby Ian, and out the door we all went!
I didn't even notice she had him until way after lunch.
We returned to the bookstore, where we paid for Caroline's stolen Pig.
We walked over to Q'doba for lunch.
Isn't Grant's face lovely?
 Grant's new favorite game is hopscotch!
 G and C both helped Brad cut the grass last night.
Caroline is in a diaper, and Grant is in his boxers.
Thankfully, Brad is fully clothed!
We keep it classy around here!
I kept Caroline's love affair with Pig Tails going this morning and gave her Pig Tails!
She looked to cute not to share.

I think Grant is going through a major growth spurt.
The poor boy is eating everything you put in front of him.
If Caroline doesn't eat hers fast enough, he devours hers too!

Grant is all signed up for swim lessons starting in June!!

Happy Friday!

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