Thursday, May 24, 2012

Catch up..

I can't believe it has been almost a month since I last blogged!
Our weeks have been busy, and our weekends even busier.
I haven't even blogged about our Disney trip back in March!

For now..I want to catch you up on what two sweet kids have been up too...

Last weekend Caroline was away spending some alone time with Gammy and Pop-E, so Brad and I could soak up some quality time with our first born.

    Any guesses on what G-Man wanted to do??

If you guessed the lake..
You're a genius!
 We found an island that Grant now refers to as "Magic Island"
It is perfect for the kids!
They can get out and play with sand toys, run around, swim, and even have a picnic.
Grant was panning for Gold on Lake Norman.
Sadly, he didn't find any!

Caroline is still obsessed with Baby Dolls!
She loves to rock them to sleep, read and sing to them, take them for walks outside and of course feed them.
  She is so sweet, that she even feeds them her supper that she does not want!

 SO....Grant is obsessed with cameras.
By obsessed with cameras...I mean taking pictures with cameras.
This may be the only time I regret taking his picture 24/7.
I am currently getting my payback.
"Say cheese Mom!"

I had him take a few pictures of his favorite things...
He managed to take 142 pictures in a whopping 12 minutes!

Here are the few pictures that turned out fairly decent...considering a 3 year old was behind the lens...

Favorite thing #1- Curious George
Favorite thing #2- Sissy!
Convo I over heard:
Grant: Sissy say cheese
Caroline: Cheeeeeeeeeese (for about 45 seconds, Grant wasn't holding down the button long enough to actually get the picture to take)
Grant: Yes! Perfect! Thanks Girl!
                                                     Favorite thing #3- some of his Cars.
(I assume his finger was over the flash)

Favorite thing #4- Juice, Buzz, his gun and sword.

I wish I would have saved the 120 pictures he took of his self.
  Unfortunately you probably wouldn't have been able to tell it was even him, he held it so close.
 Poor kid must have gone blind in the process

Caroline has a passion for books.
Her favorite book this week is a Christmas book Gammy D gave to her.
Gammy D recorded the story, so as Caroline flips the is as if Gammy is reading to her.
Isn't she precious?
I'm is serious denial that she will be a BIG 2 year old in a week!

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