Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

What a wonderful Memorial Day weekend we had!
The weather was amazing, the kids did great with NO naps all weekend and Brad and I are still happily married to each other after spending 4 straight days with each other!!

I convinced Brad to take off Friday so we could enjoy the lake before the wild weekend began.
Lake Norman is CRAZY on holiday weekends.
When we arrived to the island there was one other boat.
Usually this place is packed.
  I was actually happy that maybe we could have the island to ourselves.

It backfired on us though...

That one other boat had a little boy Grant's age.
All Grant wanted to do was play with him.
He was constantly going up to him saying  "Hey! You wanna play with me"
That poor boy had no clue what Grant wanted or why he was talking to him.

Grant does better when there is multiple kids around, because then he has no idea who to play with he just runs around until someone sparks his interest.

For 3 hours Brad and I constantly had to tell Grant to leave him alone.
Thankfully they left and we enjoyed the rest of our afternoon!

We headed back Saturday and spend the entire day out.
  I swear time really does get away from you out there.
  We packed our lunches, and Grant and Caroline played all day long.
  Caroline loves the sand while Grant is our little fish and plays in the water.

Monday we met up with some friends for our annual Memorial Day meet up on the lake!
 We had so much fun.  It was a nice change of pace after being on the island all weekend.
  The kids love being around our friends.
  Grant has been dying to take the tube out, so we made sure we brought it with us this time!

 Andrea and I
 and again..
 Ty and Kenny
 Andrea and Grant
We aren't sure who had more fun!?
 TR and Kenny
 TR and I
 Somehow I ended up in TR's seat, while he ended up in the water!
So much fun!
 Handsome Grant!
 Miss Hollywood
Brad and Grant relaxing..
it didn't last long!

The kids were in bed by 7pm all four nights, and Brad and I were not far behind them.
We had a blast, but it was exhausting for sure!

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