Friday, June 1, 2012


Tomorrow is the BIG day!
My baby girl turns TWO!

I always find both Grant and Caroline's birthdays such bittersweet days.
I am excited to watch them grow and learn but I am sad that my babies are growing up.
Very, Very, Fast!

Since Caroline is our last baby (I sure hope God is not laughing at me right now) I have thought all day, this is my very last day being the mommy to a one year old!

 We are not potty trained yet.
  Though, she has gone to the potty a handful of times.
  Today I stuck her in her big girl undies, and she did great!
 Her Bubba is still her favorite person, with Pop-E coming in a close second.
 Today we purchased her very first Coach purse!
You can never start to early, right?
She slung that purse over her shoulder as she walked around the mall, as if she has been caring one for years...
That's my girl!
On our way home this afternoon, I stopped at a Cupcake bakery in Cornelius and picked up these babies!
Caroline was excited to say the least..

We are just doing a family dinner tomorrow night.  No party this year.
 Our family is playing the waiting game as we wait for our nephew to make his grand entrance.

I must tell you..
Caroline is BUPPY FREE!!!
(She calls her paci buppy)
She has not had a buppy in 5 days!
If you know Caroline...this is HUGE!!!!!
She has asked for it at least once everyday, but I quickly distract her and she forgets all about it.
We are so proud of her!
Tonight I tucked my baby in one last time as a ONE year old..
Tomorrow she will wake up TWO!

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